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‘Journals’ reviewed in English Folk and Dance Song Society (EFDSS) Magazine January 2020

January 27, 2020 5:39 pm Comments Off on ‘Journals’ reviewed in English Folk and Dance Song Society (EFDSS) Magazine January 2020

Luke Jackson has been compared to a young Richard Thompson; that’s enough to catch this reviewer’s attention. Yet the Daily Telegraph and others point to the wrong Thompson. Luke sounds more like Teddy with that strong and pure voice – the similarity to the younger Thompson is striking on the classic pop of ‘Heavy’.
Jackson is a mature, thoughtful and joyful talent, and an outstanding guitar player, both acoustic and electric. His music embraces folk, jazz and blues with opener ‘Honeycomb’ having a dark bluesy vibe and suggestions of John Smith. ‘Home’ is a yearning love song from a faraway hotel room (another Smith trope) with a fluid electric guitar solo. Jazzy ballad ‘Cherry Picker’ has an unlikely theme: a lovestruck farmer trying to woo with a mobile crane. ‘Red Oak’ tells a sad, sweet love story about a crashed pilot, starting gently and building to a swell of drama. ‘A Queen In Her Own Way’ is an affecting tribute to Luke’s Grandmother with an intriguing title, ‘Eliza Holt’, a rocking folk song, was inspired by a name on a gravestone.
An album to cherish.

Julian Cole

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