Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent in the UK. After Covid 19 halted all proceedings, Luke has kept himself busy over the past 18 months with online live shows and a very well received 7 track EP of songs written in lockdown called ‘Of The Time. As things open up again he is busy gigging for the rest of 2021 and starts 2022 with a prestigious opening slot on the Fairport Convention winter tour and many solo UK, Europe and USA shows in the pipeline. Read more about Luke here...

Luke Jackson, Of The Time – Out Now

Luke Jackson – Of The Time CD

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After starting 2020 with tours in Europe and the USA, like many, many others my life was pretty much changed overnight with the arrival of Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown restrictions. This of course slowed down my usual touring schedule dramatically, but I was lucky enough to have played a small handful of solo, duo and trio shows sporadically through the year.

In the intervening nine months or so I have tried to keep myself busy, productive and sane with my new found time and have had varying results! Many things have become apparent, not least that a big part of my touring income goes on Diesel, car repairs and Service Station food!

One saving grace in all this has been Live Streaming shows and while these cannot begin to replicate the true experience of playing in front of a crowd, these virtual shows have become a consistent highlight for myself and a way at least of connecting me and my music to anyone that still wants to listen. Of course, over the past few months I have also written quite a few songs. Some of these songs are very direct and chart exactly what I was feeling at any given time, others are less obvious and whilst influenced by current circumstances, are a bit more ambiguous in terms of their message and meaning.

Thinking of things to keep a sense of direction and engagement, it seemed obvious to record these songs and put them out as soon as possible, not least because some, but not all, will not be relevant when things hopefully move towards being a little more normal.

The songs lend themselves to a more sparse, acoustic production so the obvious person to do these recordings with was Elliott Norris at his ‘Good Neighbour Records’ studio. For the past three years or so Elliott and myself have worked as a duo, or trio with bassist Andy Sharps, and as well as being a great musician he has also been building up a reputation for his studio work.

So, over a week of recording, mixing and production, along with the musical talents of Elliott, Andy Sharps and Lizzie White, the EP was done.

All of these songs were written between March 2020 and November 2020, so ‘Of The Time’ seemed the perfect title for this collection.

I really hope you enjoy, thank you!



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