Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent. 2017 was another busy year with Kansas Folk Alliance in the USA, double-header tours with Amy Wadge and then Rebecca Loebe plus the usual Solo, Duo and Trio shows all over the UK and Europe. 2018 has started well with the release of Luke’s first live album to great reviews and is shaping up to be another busy year. Read more about Luke here...

Tall Tales And Rumours Reviewed by German Radio Bremen Jan 2017

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The hope of the English Folk
He is just 22, and is already the great hope-bearer of the English folk: Luke Jackson, guitarist and singer from Canterbury. Equipped with an expressive, often bluesy guitar, and a voice that belies his age, he has played more than 200 concerts over the past year and a half.
Source: First Take Records
Luke Jackson: Tall Tales and Rumours
He has travelled about 60,000 miles across Europe and still found time to record his third album. He is a accurate observer of his surroundings, this still young man from the English county of Kent, as in “Aunt Sally”, he sings about a woman from his hometown who survives only with the help of alcohol and pills. A portrait about broken dreams in an increasingly inhumane society. But, despite this rather dark subject: Luke Jackson is anything but a political protest singer, rather a singer / songwriter, who moves between private and social life, and who also provides self-deprecating humour when he introduces an American girl to the beauty of his home town.
Singer / Songwriter with self-ironic humour
The bluesy component has always been a hallmark of Luke Jackson, and he skilfully contributes this facet to “Tall Tales and Rumours”. But he has gone a step further in his development by joining the bassist Andy Sharps and the percussionist Connor Downs, who have enriched the musical spectrum and, at the very least, have given them a much more rocky character. Whether the comparisons to his legendary countryman Richard Thompson are justified, may be found in the future. With “Tall Tales and Rumours”, Luke Jackson definitely proves that he has taken another step in his already enormously rapid career.

Luke Jackson: Tall Tales and Rumors
A CD tip by Jürgen Schmitz

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