Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent. 2019 ended on a high with his first solo tour of the USA and the release of his latest record ‘Journals’ in November. In January 2020 ‘Journals’ was voted ‘Album of the Year’ by the prestigious Fatea Magazine, and by February Luke had completed a tour of Europe and was just about to embark on his next run of dates in the USA. The rest of the year promises to be just as busy and exciting. Read more about Luke here… Read more about Luke here...

Beardy Folk Festival Sept 2020 in Fatea Magazine

September 29, 2020 5:07 pm Comments Off on Beardy Folk Festival Sept 2020 in Fatea Magazine

The days at Beardy Folk Festival were great, but starlit nights bring their own atmosphere and I don’t think it was chance that had two of my top highlights on the well-lit Main Stage in the dark. It will come as a surprise to no one that one of those was Luke Jackson or to be more accurate, the Luke Jackson Trio.
I’ve seen Luke play alongside many artists, including both Andy Sharps and Elliott Norris separately, but this was the first time that I’d seem them all together as the trio, an experience I’m really looking forward to repeating at the first given opportunity. Anyone that knows Luke’s music know that he is both a premier league songwriter and performer, but adding Andy and Elliott to the mix, makes for a very different show. It gives Luke a freedom you just don’t get as a solo artist, the chance to step back and be part of something, not the whole.

There was a great part of the set where the three of them gathered around a single microphone and performed some stunning acapella harmonies, another section where Elliott stepped out from behind the drums, strapped on the electric guitar and for an all too brief song they became of power trio. This was one of those you had to be there sets and like all of those sets it was over way too soon.

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