Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent. 2019 ended on a high with his first solo tour of the USA and the release of his latest record ‘Journals’ in November. In January 2020 ‘Journals’ was voted ‘Album of the Year’ by the prestigious Fatea Magazine, and by February Luke had completed a tour of Europe and was just about to embark on his next run of dates in the USA. The rest of the year promises to be just as busy and exciting. Read more about Luke here… Read more about Luke here...

Song reviews by Sarah Hunt Oct 2009

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Luke Jackson is a remarkable young man who hails from ….Canterbury…. in ….Kent….. Although still young in age Luke is... View Article

‘Antfest’ July 2009

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ANTFEST 2009 SAY ‘Luke Jackson is a 15 year old singer songwriter with prodigious talent. Literally every time I have... View Article

‘Kontra roots club’ May 2009

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KONTRA ROOTS CLUB SAY ‘Luke Jackson, phenomenal 14 year old singer songwriter and guitarist who is clearly “an old man... View Article