Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent. 2018 was another busy year with numerous shows and a very well received live album. 2019 has started just as busily with solo, duo and trio performances, a trip to Folk Alliance in Canada and lot’s planned for the rest of the year. Read more about Luke here...


Over the past few years, Luke has been involved in an increasing number of collaborations and projects, both in terms of recordings or live shows.

To date, he has completed joint headline shows and tours with Amy Wadge, Blair Dunlop, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Rebecca Loebe, Willy Porter and Jack Harris.

Luke’s vocals have also been included on recordings from Daria Kulesh, Kelly Oliver and Kirsty Merryn.

He wrote an original song ‘Forgotten Voices’ for the Union Music Store which became the opening track for the 2015 album ‘Land of Hope and Fury’ and both ‘More Than Boys’ and ‘Last Train’ were included in the official 2013 ‘Folk Awards’ compilation CD. ‘I Wish’, a co-write with Scottish lyricist Rossie Ross was one of the songs on Rossie’s 2016 release ‘As I See It…So Far’.

Luke is always available to consider any projects such as the use of his original songs, co-writing and singing/playing on the recordings of others.

Listen to ‘Lake Louise’ by Rebecca Loebe which was co-written with Luke Jackson here:

Listen to ‘Forgotten Voices’ here: 

Listen to Kirsty Merryn’s Delilah and Samson ft Luke Jackson here:

Listen to Rossie Ross and Luke Jackson’s “I Wish” here:

Watch Diamond Girl with Kelly Oliver here:


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