Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent in the UK. After Covid 19 halted all proceedings, Luke has kept himself busy over the past 18 months with online live shows and a very well received 7 track EP of songs written in lockdown called ‘Of The Time. As things open up again he is busy gigging for the rest of 2021 and starts 2022 with a prestigious opening slot on the Fairport Convention winter tour and many solo UK, Europe and USA shows in the pipeline. Read more about Luke here...

Reviews of ‘Dancing Gerrard and ‘Moments Gone’ by Sarah Hunt

November 29, 2009 8:04 pm Comments Off on Reviews of ‘Dancing Gerrard and ‘Moments Gone’ by Sarah Hunt


Dancing Gerrard is an amazing song from talented singer/song writer Luke Jackson. The lyrics are so relevant – perfectly describing a night out on the town for many young people today. Luke cleverly fuses together quirky modern day lyrics, which on first listen have an upbeat feel and a sense of fun but listen closely and the lyrics also convey a sense of sadness and helplessness. Luke’s vocals are both sensitive and forceful at the same time allowing the listener to feel sorry for the subject of the song. Luke’s moving lyrics describe a person ‘Gerrard’ who wants to be the centre of attention and thinks he is well liked but in truth his actions just get him laughed at. At the end of the night he always goes home alone. A punchy interlude three-quarters of the way through lighten the mood of the song before it returns to a slower speed once again. Luke’s musical talents really shine through on this song.


Moments Gone is a slow drawn out song with a haunting feel. Luke’s vocals are gentle and the backing music is barely noticeable yet very much in evidence. A contradiction in terms but Luke’s vocals are so overwhelming they over shadow everything else. The lyrics are carefully constructed and of a very high standard. The song varies in pace throughout, starting off slow then picking up speed very gradually before slowing to almost a deathly stop at the end. As the song fades out, with a real sense of finality, listeners are left with a strange emptiness and a wanting for more. This is an infectious song that quickly gets under the listeners skin.

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