Luke is a Singer-Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent in the UK. After Covid 19 halted all proceedings, Luke has kept himself busy over the past 18 months with online live shows and a very well received 7 track EP of songs written in lockdown called ‘Of The Time. As things open up again he is busy gigging for the rest of 2021 and starts 2022 with a prestigious opening slot on the Fairport Convention winter tour and many solo UK, Europe and USA shows in the pipeline. Read more about Luke here...

Song reviews by Sarah Hunt Oct 2009

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Luke Jackson is a remarkable young man who hails from ….Canterbury…. in ….Kent….. Although still young in age Luke is already building himself an amazing reputation as a gifted singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Now fifteen years old Luke first performed live on stage at the age of twelve, learning the guitar at the age of ten. He has already had the opportunity to perform at some of the greatest roots, acoustic and rock venues in the ….UK…. as well as having the chance to open for acclaimed artists such as the Welsh singer Martyn Joseph, folk singer Julie Felix and the amazingly talented female country singer Rachel Harrington. Luke has co-written songs with both American and English song writers. One of Luke’s songs – Smile is to be featured on a CD of songs by international unsigned artists in aid of a charity called ‘Cure Across The World’. The charity was set up by a young American cancer survivor, with the proceeds of the CD going towards the American Cancer Society. Luke was also given the great honour and opportunity to co-write the title song for a charity album in aid of Cystic Fibrosis called Faith. The album is due out in October 2009 and the title song is one of the highlights of what promises to be a great album. Along with the album a single is being released featuring Luke’s amazing song Faith. Luke is not just famous in the ….UK….; his songs are played on radio stations and on the internet throughout ..Europe.. and the States. Luke has a busy schedule playing live gigs most months throughout the UK – Manchester, Norwich, London and Portsmouth to name just a few of the places Luke has played. Luke sells EP’s featuring his songs at live gigs. 2009 could be the year that Luke Jackson makes it big. He has been contacted by many top song writers all keen to work with him and his MySpace page is extremely successful helping Luke to get his name out there and into the limelight. Luke’s musical influences are varied but he has a strong liking for folk/roots/acoustic artists like Richard Thompson, John Hiatt, Rachel Harrington and Martyn Joseph. Other favourite artists/influences include U2, talented female singer Karima Francis, Morcheeba, Kings of Leon, Frank Turner and The Kooks. Luke is also partial to a bit of blues in particular the talented Kent Duchaine. Currently unsigned by a record label Luke Jackson is one of the ….UK….’s finest singer/songwriters to emerge for years. Whoever signs this young man up will be onto a real winner.


Am I Good Enough For You is an edgy song that shows just how talented Luke Jackson is. Paul Thomas supplied the lyrics for this song and Luke supplied the music. This is anything but a fluffy pop song with repetitive lyrics. This is a classy song with plenty of angst and emotion, which easily slips under the listener’s skin. Luke’s vocals are passionate and strong. They have a distinctive style all of their own. This is a powerful roots infused song with amazing lyrics and strong vocal content.


Fall is another extremely polished roots song with plenty of depth and feeling. Luke’s vocals are edgy throughout. This song shows off Luke’s passion for music and for making songs come to life. Luke’s youthfulness comes through in this catchy song but rather than spoil the song it gives the song an added dimension. It is so hard to find fault with this amazing song. Luke’s vocals are infectious and so easy to fall head over heels in love with!


Bakers Woods is a slower song packed with quality and passion. Written by Luke this song is perfect in every way possible. Luke proves here that he can really sing and bring songs to life. This is a top class folk/roots song. Luke sings way beyond his young years. This is one of those songs listeners will yearn to see performed live as it has such an atmosphere about it. Wonderful and amazing!


Where Belongs Your Heart once again shows off Luke’s amazing vocal talents. This is a blistering song oozing with magic. Luke is great at carrying off a slow song. This song is romantic in nature and Luke manages to create a romantic atmosphere with his vocals, which are quite organic on this song. I personally like this song becomes it does not seem over polished in anyway. It has a rawness about it that captivates me as a listener and makes me want to hear the song again and again.


Smile was written by Luke and is a more up beat song with an edgy beat. Luke’s vocals are quite rough on this song giving them a distinctive edge. It is great to hear Luke carrying off a song with no backing only his trusty guitar. Luke combines some interesting lyrics into this breezy song, which just goes to prove how talented he is as a songwriter.


One November sees Luke working with Paul Thomas. Paul and Luke seem to have an excellent working partnership with both bringing the best out of each other. This song is packed full of amazing lyrics once again, which Luke brings to life with his amazing vocals. Another truly stunning song.


Sometimes Yesterdays sees Luke collaborating with Ken Davis. This is a powerful song with lots of angst contained in Luke’s vocals. This song really suits Luke’s vocal style. The song starts off with a gentle feel but soon rises up a gear before settling down into a slower mood once again. These transitions give Luke the opportunity to really get his message across.


She’s Got A New Guitar is featured on Luke’s single Faith along with Bakers Woods. This is another song where Luke and his guitar are allowed to take centre stage and that they certainly both do. This song has quite a raw organic feeling about it. I strongly believe that if Luke’s vocals were polished by a record company his songs would lose some of their magic. His is a lovely song with great lyrics. Luke’s lyrics really need to be paid close attention to as they are so inspiring and so cleverly written.


Still Too Young To Tour is such a catchy song with clever lyrics that will put a smile on any listeners face. I love this song; it is perfect in every way possible. Everyone should listen to this wonderful song. Ten out of ten for this quirky song that really lifts my spirits when I listen to it!!!!


Rain was written by Luke and is a stunning song that really stands out. This is one of those songs that has everything – it is made up of amazing lyrics, the vocals evoke such emotion in the listener and the music is never over bearing just gentle enough to catch the listener’s ear from time to time. An adorable song, which is really deep in content. There is only one word that can be used to describe this song and that word is WOW!


Faith was co written with American lyricist Charlie Mason. This song is the title song from an album by various artists all helping to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. All proceeds from the sale of the album will go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, which is the UK’s only charity dedicated to both funding research and providing support for the huge number of individuals in the UK who have CF and their families who are affected on a daily basis by this condition. The album will feature artists from all over the world including ….Germany…., ….Australia…. and ….America….. Faith is an amazing song and the lyrics will resonate with many listeners of that I am sure. It is a highly polished song that will touch the heart and soul of all those who get the chance to listen to it. Hopefully radio stations will obtain a copy of this delightful song and play it to death helping to boost sales of the album Faith and to promote Luke Jackson’s career. This song has obviously been mastered and polished but Luke still sounds like Luke; nothing has been taken away from his unique mesmerising style. An uplifting song with very emotive lyrics.


A Letter From Rose was again written by Luke. This is a slow song with a real sentimental feel about it. Luke’s vocals are again raw and organic in the chorus but polished and soft in the verses. This is another heartfelt song that will tug at the heart strings of the listener. Luke is an amazing song writer; songs such as this song really highlight just how good he is.


Time To Change is another splendid song. Luke’s vocals are calm and relaxed on his beautiful song. Once again this song is packed full of amazingly constructed lyrics, that Luke effortlessly brings to life with his wonderful style and charm. This is a stunning song worthy of plenty of radio air play.


Can’t Breathe is one of Luke’s favourite songs by Welsh singer/song writer Martyn Joseph. Luke’s version of this song sees the song performed with a completely different style and slant. It takes on a life of its own and moves away from the gentle style of the original version of the song. Although Luke still keeps the song low key and quite organic in feel it manages to pick up some of Luke’s magic, which gives the song an added dimension and makes it sound more modern. Luke really shows when performing this song that he can really sing and sing well. I think Martyn Joseph would be pleased with this new version of his popular song.


After listening to Luke Jackson’s songs you will feel as a listener firstly blown away by his enormous talents as a singer and song writer, and also a guitarist and you will feel like you have been on a cathartic journey for the mind, body and soul. Luke’s songs are so refreshing and different from anything else out there at this point in time. His songs are rich with evocative lyrics and passionate vocals all of which help to bring them to life. Listening to Luke’s songs it is like Luke is in the room with you doing a one on one concert. Truly amazing stuff from one so young. Only time will tell what other treats this young man has in store for us as listeners!!!

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